Nov 30, 2013

Two Possible Book Deals

Barnes & Nobel is offering a 30% off coupon through Sunday, December 1. This can turn out to be a good deal. Here are two examples to demonstrate what you might be able to do. 

N. T. Wright - Paul and the Faithfulness of God is listed at $53.93 or 39% off. This is already better than the $59 price offered at ETS/SBL. But when you add your 30% coupon, this drops the price to $37.75 or a 58% discount. You will probably have to pay your state sales tax but for those who live in Texas for example that would be $3.11. So it comes out to $40.86. But  since the total is over $25 it qualifies for free shipping. So the bottom line is that you get a 54% discount off the list price!

R. Bauckham, J. Davila, A. Panayalov - Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: More Noncanonical Scriptures is listed at $59.34 or 34% off. But if you use the 30% off coupon it drops the price to $41.54. Sales tax for those who live in Texas adds $3.54 for a total of 45.08 with free shipping. This is about 50% off which is still a better than the 40% discount offered at ETS/SBL.

To access the 30% discount enter the discount code BFRIDAY30 at checkout. Keep in mind that this coupon code can be redeemed only once per billing address.

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