Dec 30, 2013

A Goal for Teaching Romans

“We need to show people that profitable Bible reading begins with careful Bible reading, reading the letter attentively as it stands. We want to show people that the youngest Christian can read Romans and profit by it. Of course we thank God for those who translate it reliably and for those who as it were, take us by the hand and guide us through the letter and link it to the other parts of Scripture. But the aim of scholars who do this is to put the Bible into the hands of the ordinary Christian reader. In this we are the heirs of the great Bible translators, whose aim was famously put by William Tyndale when he said to smug cleric that before long he would make the ploughman know more of the Bible than the clergyman. In our Bible teaching we are to continue what Tyndale began, putting the Bible into the hands of those who teach so that they may read it for themselves and be blessed in their reading.”

Christopher Ash, Teaching Romans: Volume One-Unlocking Romans 1–8 for the Bible Teacher (Ross-shire: Christian Focus, 2009, 19–20.

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