Feb 14, 2014

Simply the Bible

Nick Page. Simply the Bible. Oxford: Lion Books, 2013. 

Kregel recently sent me a copy of Simply the Bible by Nick Page. The publisher describes the book as follows.

“For those who find the Bible a bit daunting, or those who require a quick, pithy overview, Simply the Bible provides an instant introduction. Arranged in canonical order, each chapter contains a 500-word summary that conveys the essential facts and meaning for each book of the Bible. In addition to the summary, each chapter has a bulleted overview and a listing of the key characters.
“Lavishly illustrated throughout in full color, Simply the Bible is an excellent and affordable guide to accompany a program of daily Bible reading, and the ideal starting point for anyone who wants to get better acquainted with the world's best-selling book. It also includes an introduction to each book of the Apocrypha and a "Surprise Me!" fact in each chapter.”

My initial and cursory impressions are positive. Simply the Bible provides a succinct and helpful overview of each biblical book. One might disagree here and there with what the author has chosen to spotlight but such is expected in a work like this. Novice Bible readers will find help in getting the big picture and more advanced teachers and preachers can find material to incorporate into lessons and sermons. One final note: the advice of not judging a book by its cover might apply here. I found the cover a bit “cheesy” for my tastes, but one of my daughters noted that the style was common among younger readers. 

You can access an excerpt here.

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