Jun 21, 2014

Blomberg on Fads and Believing the Bible

I "amen" this statement from Craig Blomberg.

“New methodologies in biblical studies come and go; the academy is extremely faddish. Liberationist exegesis has mutated into postcolonialism. Form criticism and structuralism have seen their heyday, but a close analysis of texts as literary artifacts continues unabated with narrative and genre criticisms. Rudolf Bultmann’s great mid-twentieth-century program of demythologizing the Bible—looking for the core theological truths that can still be believed in a scientific age, truths wrapped in the husks of the mythical miracles—had just about died out, only to be given new life by the Jesus Seminar in the 1990s and 2000s. Examples could be multiplied. What goes around comes around. Most of my reasons for believing the Bible thus remain unchanged from thirty and forty years ago."

Craig L. Blomberg, Can We Still Believe the Bible? An Evangelical Engagement with Contemporary Questions (Grand Rapids: Brazos, 2014), 7.

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