Jun 20, 2014

Deuteronomy 28 and a Jersey Number

Curtis Martin, the now retired football player, recounts how he chose his #28 jersey number. 

“They only had the number 39, which I thought was horrible, and then I finally got a chance to get number 26 and shortly after that when I took number 26 a guy got cut and his number was 28 and I was speaking to someone about what numbers, what options I had,” Martin said.  “And at the time I was speaking to a pastor and I told him what numbers were available between 26 and 28, and he said 28.

“He said because that is a really important Bible verse,” Martin explained.  “It’s Deuteronomy 28, and he said that it talks about the blessings for obedience and all that.  So I took the number and Deuteronomy 28 became my only ritual before every game.  I would read it and that’s the reason why I wore number 28.”

Deuteronomy 28 is a great chapter in the Bible for a variety of reasons but there is probably a sermon illustration here. You can access the original story with the interview of Martin here

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