Sep 17, 2014

How to Research Well

The Study Hacks blog has a helpful post discussing the correlation between the best young professors and research. According to the post, the following four characteristics typified these professors and their research habits.

  • The exemplary faculty did not wait for “ideal” times to write.
    As Boice explains: “waiting for ideal times such as binges induces more than mere uninvolvement…[i]t can also bring procrastination and dissatisfaction.”
  • The exemplary faculty instead maintained a regular writing habit.
    As Boice explains: “[they] pay close attention to regiment…[those who] did not establish a regiment of writing regularly did not establish productivity.”
  • The exemplary faculty put thought into how to be more productive.
    As Boice explains: “[new faculty] would do well to take more notice of knowledge, usually untaught in open systematic ways, about survival, including self-management.”
  • The exemplary faculty looked for outside help in improving their academic productivity.
    As Boice explains: “The quick starters depicted here, unlike their counterparts, were proactive in soliciting collegial advice. They were quick to dismiss the idea that they had to figure out the subtle rules of productivity on their own.”

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