Sep 15, 2014

The Didache

David Capes has posted on the Didache here. He provides a good summary of this early Christian document. I also found it interesting that he taught a series on the Didache in a church context. Unfortunately, I am not sure that most Christians would be interested in such a study. 


robert karl said...

Why do most churches ignore ornot interested in the Didache. It was awriting of the first Christian practices and their faith.

The Didache and the ealry Church fathers are more in line with Orthodox and Catholic faith. The Protestant and New Age Evangelical churches are not consistent with the Didache,etc.

Charles Savelle said...

I am not sure I can provide a definitive answer, but I suspect that it has a little to do with the overall lack of interest in Bible and theology in general and greater interest in felt-needs or "practical" preaching and teaching.