Aug 5, 2015

Solving Two Common Preaching Problems

"There is nothing more practical for the preacher than the thorough study of the biblical text. A constant complaint of weak preachers is 'What am I going to preach on next Sunday?' The complaint of the parishioners is different; they know what the pastor will preach on–some variation of ‘the same old thing every Sunday.’ The preacher who studies the scripture regularly and faithfully does not have the first complaint, and it is far less likely that the parishioners will have the second. Preachers who get in the habit of good exegesis will indeed have a problem. They will have so much homiletical material that it will be difficult to know what to leave out!"

Stephen Farris, Preaching That Matters: The Bible and Our Lives (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox, 1998), 40

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