Dec 7, 2015

Two New Biblical Studies Titles

The T & T Clark blog has noted the release of two new titles that might be of interest.

Luke’s Christology of Divine Identity

by Nina Henrichs-Tarasenkova

Nina Henrichs-Tarasenkova employs a narrative approach to establish how Luke binds Jesus' identity to the divine identity of YHWH and concludes that the Lukan narrative does in fact portray Jesus as God, when it shows that Jesus shares YHWH's divine identity. She argues against a long tradition regarding how best to represent Luke's Christology.

The Return of the King: Messianic Expectation in Book V of the Psalter

by Michael K. Snearly 

In this work, Michael Snearly argues that the arrangement of Book V of the Psalter witnesses to a renewed hope in the promises made to David.

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