Jan 10, 2019

Some Thoughts on Psalm 1

I am working on a writing project on the book of Psalms. Here are some introductory thoughts on Psalm 1.

The Psalms are usually understood as a book of praise and Proverbs as a book of wisdom. But the Psalms are also brimming with practical insights into living well. The ancient Israelite understood that praise involved more than the lips and the secret to living well was more than good intentions. The secret was delighting in the law of God, recognizing the folly of rejecting God’s law, and knowing that God would judge both.

For Christ-followers today, this timeless truth remains virtually unchanged. While many in the world today value experience over truth (and some would even deny the existence of truth at all), this first Psalm, then and now, reminds us of the importance of knowing God’s word. Psalm 1 uses vivid imagery from nature and farming to portray the stark contrast between the lives of the righteous and the wicked to be seen before people and the Lord. This is an important contrast to make when the lines of right and wrong are being blended or eliminated altogether.

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