Jan 12, 2019

Song of Solomon a Key to the Great Commission?

This article in Christianity Today seems to think so. But even if one sets aside the dubious and strained allegorical interpretation, I don't see a significant connection to the Great Commission here much less a "key." But this article does illustrate the problem with the allegorical approach where a text can mean almost anything like when a statement like "your eyes are doves" is understood as,
Doves don’t have peripheral vision—they can’t see to the right or to the left, only what’s in front of them. This theme of having our eyes set on Christ is evident throughout Scripture and throughout Israel’s story. God knows we are easily distracted and anxious; our eyes need to be set not on our circumstances, our failures, or on fellow broken people but rather on him.
That is a wonderful sentiment but not what Songs 1:15 or 4:1 are about.  

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