May 15, 2019

Picturing Daniel

I have spent a fair amount of time teaching the book of Daniel. Finding pictures and artwork is fairly easy whether it involves paintings of Daniel in the lion's den or Daniel 2's  statue as empires. It seems that this book has captured the imagination of not a few artists. But if you are looking for photos related to the archaeological backgrounds the options are more limited. 

So this is one reason I am very excited about the new Photo Companion to the Bible on the Book of Daniel. This resource contains over 1,000 images related to the book. These images are annotated and available on PowerPoint presentations arranged by chapter and verse. This makes it really easy to use. My PowerPoint on Daniel has over 400 slides but it will be getting bigger as I add some of this material. There really is nothing else like this anywhere else.

So check out this wonderful resource on Daniel here. It looks like it is even on sale for over 40%-off at $39.

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