Jun 16, 2020

New Volume in the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands

I woke up this morning to find a new BiblePlaces Newsletter in my email which contained an announcement that the twentieth volume in the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands has been released. This volume devoted to the Western Mediterranean contains 1,400 photos and 25 PowerPoints. In the newsletter, Todd Bolen writes,
The Western Mediterranean volume may not strike you as part of what we normally think of as biblical lands. It's true that we have no certain events in the Bible that occur in ancient Gaul and Hispania (France and Spain). But this region was very much part of the biblical world, particularly in the days of the New Testament, and my appreciation for its value grew immensely in the course of this project.

This looks to be an excellent resource and you would do well to check it out and take advantage of the special launch price this week of $25 with immediate download and free shipping in the US. You can purchase it as a DVD+download or download-only.

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