Oct 17, 2021

The Latest Issue of the Review of Biblical Literature

The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member to read them.

Patricia D. Ahearne-Kroll, Aseneth of Egypt: The Composition of a Jewish Narrative
Reviewed by Maria Brutti

Jennifer Barry, Bishops in Flight: Exile and Displacement in Late Antiquity
Reviewed by Ritva H. Williams

Martin Brons, Augustins Trinitätslehre praktisch: Katechese, Liturgie, Predigt: Ritual und Unterweisungauf dem Weg der Taufe
Reviewed by Alexander H. Pierce

M. Daniel Carroll R., The Book of Amos
Reviewed by Jason Radine

Philip Michael Forness, Preaching Christology in the Roman Near East: A Study of Jacob of Serugh
Reviewed by Anuj M. Amin

Robert P. Gordon, trans.; George A. Kiraz and Joseph Bali, eds., The Syriac Peshitta Bible with English Translation: Chronicles
Reviewed by Robert J. Owens

Judith Herrin, Ravenna: Capital of Empire, Crucible of Europe
Reviewed by Lee M. Jefferson

Hilary Lipka and Bruce Wells, eds., Sexuality and Law in the Torah
Reviewed by Ilan Peled

Daniel DeForest London, Theodicy and Spirituality in the Fourth Gospel: A Girardian Perspective
Reviewed by Russell Morton

Blossom Stefaniw, Christian Reading: Language, Ethics, and the Order of Things
Reviewed by H. Gregory Snyder

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