Apr 9, 2024

New Genesis Resource

The newest BiblePlaces newsletter (subscribe for free here) has announced the release of Genesis, the latest volume of the Photo Companion to the Bible Series. As a preacher and teacher I have found that Genesis is a book that can really benefit from visuals and I am aware of no better resource than the Photo Companions. Here is information from the newsletter.

Over the last 24 years, we've created more than 70 volumes of photo collections, but none has
proved more demanding or taken more hours than the new Genesis volume in the Photo Companion to the Bible. The size and scope of the book of Genesis are well-known, from Creation to Egypt, with 50 chapters describing God's work through the generations from Adam to Jacob's sons.

From a visual perspective, the possibilities are tremendous, from illustrating the six days of creation and the Garden of Eden to Israel's sojourn in Goshen. We have assembled many of the obvious photos, such as the patriarchs' travels at Haran, Shechem, Bethel, Moriah/Salem, Hebron, and Beersheba. But there is so much more, with imagery of tent-dwelling, shepherding, and farming, with an abundance drawn from museum artifacts,
detailed models, and ancient reliefs.

We really went all out to make this the most useful photo collection possible. This collection includes many aerial photographs, satellite images, and detailed maps to provide the big picture. We have more images from more photographers from more sites and museums than ever, including a number of unique images that we received special permission to share.

We are offering Genesis this week for only $79 for nearly 7,000 photos with explanatory notes (DVD+download or
download-only). Your purchase includes all future updates to the volume at no charge, and it supports our efforts to continue developing the Photo Companion to the Bible. Whatever you are studying or teaching in Genesis, this collection offers the images you don't even know to look for, all in the easy-to-use PowerPoint format. We are confident that you'll love what you discover here and find it useful for years to come.

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