Aug 25, 2009

Debunking the Documentary Hypothesis

See John Anderson's helpful summary of R. N. Whybray's eleven reasons for rejecting the Documentary Hypothesis which has long been the standard critical explanation for the composition of the Pentateuch.


Kent said...


Have you seen the new collection of material on the Pentateuch released on Pre-Pub from Logos Bible Software? It includes books by Whybray, Rendtorff, and others—including extensive discussion on the DH. I thought you might be interested: Pentateuch History and Origins Collection (10 Vols.)


Charles Savelle said...

I had not seen this Pre-Pub. I would be interested, but I am not sure its in the budget.

Kent said...

John- for what it's worth, these books retail for a little over $1,000 (Amazon, T&T Clark's page, etc.).

Think of the Pre-Pub as a buy one get nine free deal. :)

Charles Savelle said...

Or I could promote the Pre-Pub on my blog and get a free download :)