Oct 15, 2009

The Angel of the Lord in the Old Testament

David Melvin has an interesting post on the angel of the Lord (מלאכים) in the Old Testament. There is a nice table listing every instance to the divine מלאכים in the Old Testament. You can access the post here.


Brian Small said...

His name is David Melvin

Charles Savelle said...

Thanks for the correction. Apparently not enough coffee this morning!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having my back, Brian (though I didn't see what he originally had my name as).

Charles, thanks for the plug. I hope to soon have charts up for other terms used in reference to angelic beings (בני אלהים, קודשים, etc.). My ultimate aim in all of this is to detect developments in the conception and functions of angelic beings across the span of the Hebrew Bible (and ultimately into post-biblical literature).

Charles Savelle said...

Hi David. I believe the name I had originally was Doug Melvin. As you may know, Doug Melvin was the onetime general manager of the our long suffering Texas Rangers baseball team. Sorry about that.

In any case, I look forward to your future post.