Oct 13, 2009

Holy Land Pictures: Southern Palestine

I previously noted that Todd Bolen at Bibleplaces.com and Lifeintheho
lyland.com had produced a new set of pictures of the Holy Land: “The American Colony and the Eric Matson Collection." The entire collection was five years in the making and contains 4,300 images from 1898 to the 1940’s in jpg and PowerPoint format, spanning eight CD volumes. This is a great resource for Bible teachers or simply anyone interested in the history of the Holy Land.

Individual CD’s will be released at the rate of one volume a month. Or you can purchase the entire collection now at the discounted price of $99 here. This month’s release is the Southern Palestine which is on sale for $20 (regularly $25) here.


Plong42 said...

I have this collection and thoroughly enjoy browsing the collection. I have Bolen's other set as well, which is worth the money if you cannot afford to travel to Israel and take your own 5000 photos.

The best use for me is comparing what a site looked like then as opposed to now. There has been so much development for tourism that many things are radically different.

Charles Savelle said...

I agree with your comments. I am a big fan of Todd's work. I try and pick up just about anything that he produces.