Jan 12, 2010

Mounce on the Divine Name

Bill Mounce has an interesting post on the fixation that some people have on the Divine name. I am in general agreement with Mounce, but I do think we ought to try and get the Divine name right. Mounce asks, "Why do some people obsess over 'getting the name right' when it is not the name but the person that is important?" While obsession is clearly not the way to go, getting anyone's name right is a sign of respect. Do we not find it at least mildly annoying when people that we have an ongoing relationship with do not take the time or make an effort to get our name right. Furthermore, names in Scriptures have a significance that our names don't always have. In Scripture, the
person and the name are closely related. And finally, I suggest that we ought to try and get the name right since it shows deference in part to how God chose to reveal Himself.

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