Feb 9, 2016

The Trude Dothan Collection at the Lanier Theological Library

In a previous post I mentioned attending the Lanier Theological Library for a lecture by Michael Bird. After the lecture I was wandering through the library and noted that they have apparently acquired Trude Dothan’s personal library. Some readers might be familiar with Dothan’s work in archaeology, especially as it relates to the Philistines. Some might also be aware of her recent passing. (You can read a write up here from the Biblical Archaeology Review folks here and from the Lanier library here.) I did not have a lot of time to poke around the collection but it includes not only her books but also what appear to be drafts of papers she delivered and other unpublished materials. What little I saw was mostly in Hebrew. Here is a photo of part of the collection (sorry about the poor quality). 

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