Jun 17, 2008

Praying and Spiritual Gifts

Darrell Pursiful has an interesting post on praying for spiritual gifts. He notes in part that:

It may seem presumptuous to pray for God to give spiritual gifts. On the contrary, I believe it is presumptuous not to. If they really are gifts God gives and not innate abilities, it makes sense that they should be a matter of prayer.

Praying for spiritual gifts is a way of confessing that God’s power is necessary for the church to thrive and for its members to be effective in ministry. It is a way of admitting that, no matter how many training seminars we attend or how passionate we are about God’s causes, we can’t do it in our own strength.

Go ahead and ask God to supply your church with the gifts you need to further God’s kingdom-and be open to the possibility that God will choose to activate those gifts in you.

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