Jun 18, 2008

Top Five Commentaries on Matthew

Ligonier Ministries has a
list and discussion of their top five commentaries on Matthew. I would agree pretty much with their list. To their runners-up list I would add commentaries by D. E. Hiebert, Craig Evans, and Hagner. The top five are:

1. R. T. France -- The Gospel of Matthew (NICNT, 2007);
2. D. A. Carson -- "Matthew" in The Expositor's Bible Commentary (1984);
3. Craig S. Keener -- A Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew (1999);
4. Leon Morris -- The Gospel According to Matthew (PNTC, 1992);
5. W.D. Davies and D.C. Allison -- Matthew 1-7, Matthew 8-18, Matthew 19-28 (ICC, 1988, 1991, 1997).


Todd Bolen said...

Charles - thanks for your work on this blog. I would put Davies and Allison at the top, with Carson right behind. Both are excellent, though decidedly different. Then France, Nolland, Morris, Keener. It is nice to have such good works available.

Charles Savelle said...

Thanks for your encouraging words.

I would tend to agree with you about Davies and Allison. But this commentary might be a bit too technical for some. I am probably least familiar with Nolland's commentary. But I will be sure to look at it the next time I am studying in Matthew.