Nov 10, 2008

The Bible's Buried Secrets

Some might be interested in this film which is scheduled to air on November 18 on PBS. The following is the blurb from thew website (
view here) which also includes a couple of short clips.

Providence Pictures has been working hard for years to produce The Bible's Buried Secrets, which premieres November 18th at 8:00 pm on NOVA. We scouted and filmed at archaeological sites throughout the Middle East—including Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. We interviewed leading biblical scholars from around the world. Our animators have built a one-of-a-kind Bible filled with masterpieces of art and brought ancient Israel to life through the most accurate 3D models. Our reenactments rival Hollywood for their art direction and cinematography, and surpass any film on historical accuracy—even going so far as to teach modern scribes to write paleo-Hebrew, the original alphabet of the Bible. We're confident that our film will be the definitive documentary on biblical archaeology for years to come.

In July 2008, NOVA showcased a 4-minute trailer to The Bible's Buried Secrets for a gathering of media from around the country. As soon as they started blogging about it, the public response was swift and impassioned. Attacks and a petition drive to defund PBS were launched by one organization that describes their mission "to change the culture to reflect Biblical truth" and that "God has communicated absolute truth to man through the Bible." They condemned the film without even seeing the trailer, let alone the film. We'd love to know what you think. Check out the trailer and feel free to join the discussion! And be sure to watch the broadcast November 18 on PBS.

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