Nov 15, 2008

Defining Apocalypse, Apocalypticism, and Apocalyptic Eschatology

Patrick George McCullough has a helpful post on "
Defining Apocalypse, Apocalypticism, and Apocalyptic Eschatology." I don't agree with all the conclusions but it is a decent summary of the state of scholarship is on the issue. Read it here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Charles, with which conclusions do you disagree?

Charles Savelle said...

The main point of disagreement would be the statement, “This definition is seeking the lowest common denominator and therefore leaves out several features found in many apocalypses, such as pseudonymity or ex eventu prophecy.” The problem is that I don’t view Daniel or Revelation as pseudonymous or as examples of ex eventu prophecy and therefore a definition that would include these characteristics would be unhelpful or Daniel and Revelation would not be apocalyptic by this definition.