Nov 13, 2008

Bibliographic Resource for the Book of Esther

West Wickham has noted a new resource for those doing research in the book of Esther.
Edith Lubetski and Meir Lubetski, The Book of Esther: A Classified Bibliography. Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2008.

According to the blurb at the publisher's website,

This comprehensive bibliography to scholarly works on the biblical book of Esther contains over 1800 references. It includes titles of books, collected works, Festschriften, theses, journal articles, essays in collections, encyclopaedia and dictionary articles, and online material. It is a classified bibliography, arranged in three main categories -- commentaries, biblical chapters and verses, and subject headings in alphabetical order.

The scope of the bibliography is international, and its focus is on research from the last hundred years. Scholars, students, clergy, and librarians -- among them literary scholars, psychologists, sociologists, historians, linguists, art historians, political scientists, feminists, and Christian and Jewish scholars -- will find this unique volume an indispensable resource and stimulus to further research. A special feature of the bibliography is its extensive coverage of Jewish sources.

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