May 29, 2008

Countering Jesus Conspiracy Theories

In a new book by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary professor Timothy Paul Jones, the author tackles common conspiracy theories involving Jesus. The book entitled,
Conspiracies of the Cross: How to Intelligently Counter the Ten Most Popular Theories that Attack the Gospel of Jesus, addresses the following ten conspiracy theories.
  1. The New Testament Gospels and the traditions of the Resurrection emerged too late to represent eyewitness testimony.
  2. Early church leaders eliminated many books from the New Testament; some of these ‘lost scriptures’ were the sacred texts of the first Christians.
  3. Early Christian leaders selected sacred books and essential beliefs to protect the church’s power structures—not to testify to historical truth about Jesus. Other books and beliefs were violently suppressed.
  4. The Gospels and other New Testament writings were copied so poorly and edited so thoroughly that the meanings of entire books have changed.
  5. With few exceptions, the acts and sayings in the New Testament Gospels do not represent actual, historical happenings.
  6. Jesus never existed at all.
  7. The Dead Sea Scrolls and perhaps even the New Testament books include encoded secrets about Jesus.
  8. Jesus married Mary Magdalene and founded a physical dynasty.
  9. Jesus was never buried, and he never rose from the dead. Dogs and other wild animals consumed His body.
  10. Since miracles are always improbable, the resurrection of Jesus cannot be considered as a historical event, regardless of how much historical evidence supports it.
See an article on the book here.

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