May 27, 2008

Dual authorship in Matthew 1:22 and 2:15

Matt Waymeyer has a nice post on the phenomena of dual authorship evidenced in Matthew 1:22 and 2:15. Waymeyer concludes that,

The implications of this are profound. According to Matthew 1:22 and 2:15, the person who is ultimately responsible for the action of speaking forth the Old Testament prophecies is the Lord Himself, for Matthew refers to the words of prophecy as “what was spoken by [hupo—ultimate agency] the Lord.” In addition, however, these verses also indicate that the Lord used intermediate agents to speak forth these words of prophecy, for Matthew refers to “what was spoken…through [dia—intermediate agency] the prophet.” Put very simply, A (God) used B (the prophets) to perform C (write Scripture).
Read the entire post here.

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