May 29, 2008

Meditation on Revelation 1

Dave Bish has the following meditation on Revelation 1 on his blog

He is the faithful witness, reliably revealing what will happen.
He is the firstborn from the dead, his resurrection brings ours.
He is the ruler of the kings of the earth, they all stand accountable to him.
He loves us.
He freed us from our sins by his blood, taking our punishment, cleansing us.
He made us a kingdom, over which he is king.
He made us priests to God the Father, and we may boldly approach.
He owns glory and rule over all things forever, he is incomparable.
He is coming with the clouds, he will return.
He will be seen by every eye, even those who pierced him.
He will cause all to wail, the light who exposes our sin.
He is the beginning and the end. He was, is and will be.
He Tribution and patient endurance are in him.
He addresses the churches with warning and encouragement.
He walks among his churches like a son of man.
He wears a long robe and a gold sash.
He has hair that is white like wool and snow.
He has eyes that are like flaming fire.
He has feet that are like burnished refined bronze.
He has a voice is like torrents of water.
He holds church leaders in his hands.
He speaks words that can divide bone and marrow and pierce the heart of man.
He has a face that shines with more brilliance than the midday sun.
He says don't fear him.
He is first and last, we and all creation are 'jonny-come-latelys' in the party of all eternity.
He the living one.
He died and is now alive forevermore.
He holds the keys to hell.
He knows what is coming.

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